Window cleaning before rain is forcast:

  • Clean windows make it more difficult for rain to stick on windows.
  • It may be days before we can schedule your window cleaning.
  • It is still important to clean window surfaces to remove salt and dirt.

If it rains on your scheduled day:

  • If it is forcast for rain during window cleaning or it is raining we may clean interior windows or reschedule.
  • It is not possible to get a good result cleaning windows in the rain.
  • We will call you to reschedule.
  • Feel free to call me @ 508-560-1882 to reschedule.
  • I use 3 different websites to determine weather:


Weather and effects of Rain on Windows:

  • Screen burn: chemical reaction of acid rain with alumium screens
  • Hard water clouding: this is usually not rain but water from lawn sprinklers
  • Deposit of dirt from screens: screens act as a filter rain drives this dirt onto windows
  • Creation of a corrosive film on window glass and frames
  • Rot of the window fram and mullins