window cleaning

Your local service provider since 1988

On time and on your schedule, we can complete your house in one day.  We practice minimal inconvenience: we come when scheduled, we understand we are your guest (no radios, dressed appropriately), speak English, listen to your concerns, and we treat your house with respect .  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Complete Window Cleaning:

Clean all glass interior, exterior, storm windows
Clean all screens
Clean window sills and area around windows
Repair any damaged screens

We do not use any toxic chemicals

Will not damage plants or window dressings

We are equipped and trained to remove shoes or wear booties prior to entering house
Move only necessary furniture without damage or scratching floor
To work around landscaping without damaging plants
Identify potential problems such as damaged screens or rotted wood

We understand that we are your guest, will work quietly, efficiently and respect your

home and your privacy.

We are insured and will provide insurance certificates on demand.

All service personel are University students and speak english.

After completing tasks we will remove all equipment and leave no foot prints: just clean windows.